Susan - I'll add Help topics here that you can use to keep the site updated. These should be easier to find than searching back through your emails. Here are the topics I've added so far:


Squarespace Introduction

This video is a basic overview of how to log into Squarespace and make basic updates to content, including adding Galleries. 

Blog Editing, Image Sizing

This video shows how to add blog posts and resize images in blog posts or on normal pages. 

If you want to resize an image, use one of the following two methods: 

  1. Put the Image Block next to another block, such as a Text Block. That is what I did in the video, where I dragged the image up to the right of the text. That put the Image Block and Text Block next to each other. Then, you get a little line between the image and the text that you can drag, to resize the blocks. 
  2. If you don't want the image inline with text, you can use Spacer Blocks to act as padding. Spacer Blocks are blank blocks that don't have any image or text, but can still be resized. So, you can insert a Spacer block to the left and/or right of the Image Block, then resize all of the blocks until the image is the size you want. 

Since I changed the layout of the galleries in March, 2016, so there is a strip of thumbnails below the full-size image, the way to add new galleries is different than before. 

Getting galleries to show up like this requires a slightly different way of uploading and managing the galleries. Previously when adding a new gallery you went to "Add Page" and selected "Gallery". Now, when you go to Add Page, select Page. Then following these instructions. 

1) In the "galleries" folder, go to "Add Page" then click "Page". A new Page will be created in the side-bar. Give it a name and hit Enter. 











2) In the new page, you can add Header content (such as a gallery title), and add text however you want. Then go to edit the Page Content, and use the Insertion icon and click "Slideshow" 













3) In the new window that pops-up, you have 2 options. 1) Embed an existing gallery that you've previously created, or 2) upload media for a new gallery. Let'e assume you are adding new media. Use the Upload Images icon, and select all of your images. 














4) After the images have uploaded, you can double-click on any of the thumbnails and add Title and Descriptions to them (you can always add Titles and Descriptions later, so it's not too important to do it now).

5) After uploading all of the images and adding titles, click the "Design" link in the upper-right. In the Design window, make sure all of the options are set as listed below (and in the picture to the right). This will ensure your new gallery matches the format of the existing galleries. 

  • Type = Slideshow
  • "Automatically Transition Between Slides" - NO
  • "Show Next and Previous Controls" - YES
  • "Automatically Crop Images" - NO
  • "Show Thumbnails" - YES
  • "Show Title and Description" - YES
  • "Title and Description Position" - Bottom
  • "Show on Hover" - YES












6) Click Apply in the Gallery settings window, then SAVE in the page editor. This should add the new gallery to your site. 

7) If you need to add or edit Titles or Descriptions, at any time open the Page in the page editor, then select the gallery image and click EDIT. This will bring up the Gallery Editor window as in step 3. You can now double-click any thumbnail to add additional information.