Really? It's been 6 months?

Well. I HAVE been painting! I survived the worst winter on record by painting an 8 piece bedroom set (very pretty), 2 closets (amazing!), and 2 bathroom vanities.

This lovely spring I have painted an entire covered porch from top to bottom (the best part being the icy skyblue ceiling) (well, there's one little place I can't reach yet, as you can see).

Seriously, I have just finished a painting which I'll post next week. I've been inspired by taking an online "Taking Flight" class by Kelly Rae Roberts http://kellyraeroberts/, and by having some cards accepted in a lovely gallery in Culpepper, Va http://www.saraschneidman.com/.

I woke up in the middle of the night thinking:
  • this blogsite needs a redo!
  • my website is in horrible disrepair
  • I have alot to do :)

So, stay tuned!