Here is the painting made collaboratively by myself and my daughter in law, Huiyi Kan for the NIJIIRO (Rainbow) Exhibition:  One Mind and One Heart - An International Traveling Group Exhibition, From Global Calamity to Creativity.

It's on it's way to Naples, Italy, today!

It was so much fun, and such a pleasure to create this together with Huiyi.  Huiyi and I together created the idea, using the calligraphy figures for "tree" and "bird", and using the theme of the 4 seasons (starting with winter, top panel), along with the Zen garden theme (maybe hard to see the little lines in this picture)....and the little bird, which comes to life more and more in each panel, finally flying away as a phoenix in the last, (Autumn) panel....Huiyi then sent me the words in calligraphy which I collaged into the side of each season's panel.

Thank you, Huiyi!!!!