Cows in a field

OK, so this is the 3rd painting I've made of this configuration of cows.

  Many years ago when I lived on a farm in Kentucky, these Charolais cows would stand in a field outside my house looking at me JUST LIKE THIS!

 So I snapped their picture and made my very first painting ever.  This was AFTER I graduated with my degree in art.  Which was in sculpture since I was Terrified of painting. 

If I can find a copy of this painting, I will post it.  It was pretty sweet, I have to say.  (and, it sold!)

Several decades later, I painted the same configuration, in a newer style with collage.  (also...sold!)

So this spring, I decided to give it a new go.  And here it is!  This time in acrylic.  20" x 20"